Forthcoming: book chapter in Oxford University Press volume Global Perspectives on Orchestras (The British Symphony Orchestra and the Arts Council of Great Britain).

The December 2013 issue of 'The Musical Times' includes Benjamin's article,'The SPNM 1943 - 1975: a retrospective'. Details can be found here.

Recent conference papers have explored the Musicians' Union (Glasgow 2016), nineteenth-century Jewish choral music (Leeds 2015), the life of Louis Lewandowski (Rome 2015), the career of Alick Maclean (NABMSA 2014), Ewan MacColl's 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' (Popmac 2013), the place of new opera at the Royal Opera House in the post-war period (NABMSA 2012), and  British attitudes to censorship after the Second World War (RMA/King's College London, 2012).

Benjamin Wolf's PhD thesis is available for download from the British Library's Ethos system. You can find it here. If you have any problems please use the contact form on this website.

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18th March 2017 - Haydn Nelson Mass with RFMS

19th March 2017 - Come and Sing Pesach at Belsize Square (Zemel)

26th March 2017 - Choral Extravaganza at Belsize Square Synagogue (the choirs of Belsize Square and the youth choir of Berlin's Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue)

14th May 2017 - Family Music Day at Belsize with the Zemel Choir and the Wallace Ensemble


Music Downloads
Belsize Square Synagogue: Todah V
The Zemel Choir: Celebrate With Song

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The Etz Chayim Cello Concerto was written for the 70th anniversary of Belsize Square Synagogue. It was described as an 'individual sound world of colour and incisive brilliance' (Jewish Renaissance Magazine April 2009). You can download the concerto using the link on this page. Recorded live with the Wallace Ensemble and cellist Gemma Rosefield.

You may also be interested in other compositions using ancient Greek or Jewish elements:

'Siren Song' (based on Ancient Greek Modes), performed by Hannah Rosenfelder and Anneke Hodnett

'Echoes from the voice of God', using biblical cantillation


Here's bOybershop singing the 'Only Jewish Cowgirl'. You can download this track (and the recording of the whole concert) by clicking on the link to the left.


'A Frayer Foigl', with Ruti Halvani

'Kaddish' by Ravel, with Marc Finer

Welcome to the website of Benjamin Wolf, a musician and academic known for his work in classical and Jewish music and his research into musical life in twentieth-century Britain. He regularly performs as conductor, pianist, singer and composer, and is Musical Director of the Zemel Choir, the Wallace Ensemble, the Royal Free Music Society, and the choirs of Belsize Square Synagogue. He is Lecturer in Music at Regent's University, London, and a former lecturer at Royal Holloway and the University of Bristol.

Please feel free to watch videos, listen to music tracks and find out more about the choirs and ensembles that feature in Benjamin's musical life. You can also download some of his music.

Here is Benjamin Wolf performing the second movement of his piano concerto L'Chaim with the Wallace Ensemble at Belsize Square Synagogue.

These are very different pieces – Fifty Shades of Hay and Ten Green Hand Grenades – performed by bOYbershop. You can download bOYbershop's latest album (Bendigamos) by clicking on the link to the right.



Benjamin has performed at a number of important interfaith events. In 2015 he was one of the organisers and performers for a service at Westminster Abbey commemorating the Liberation of Auschwitz, while in 2013 he performed the same role for a Service of Solemn Remembrance and Hope on the seventy-fifth anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Photo: Westminster Abbey/Andrew Dunsmore

Other events have included performances at the Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg (both with the Zemel Choir and bOYbershop). Here is the Zemel Choir performing at the Strasbourg mosque.

Other projects have included oratorio performances with both the Zemel Choir and the Royal Free Music Society. He has made a number of recordings. These are available via the links to the right.